Agile helps you hire smart, mitigate injuries/risk, and minimize medical expenses

The Agile approach focuses on speed of recovery while meeting employers’ expectations. We keep the patient engaged in the process, with aggressive scheduling and follow-up, getting employees back to work and life as soon as possible.



Agile is focused on keeping your workforce healthy and productive. From drug screenings to workplace injury treatment, we offer a wide range of occupational health programs that help employers maintain a healthy and safe workforce, while providing cost-effective health care for your company and employees.


Occupational Medicine

Our providers are keenly aware that health is an essential component of a company’s most important asset – its people. That is why our focus is on a commitment to help companies contain and manage costs related to work health and safety. Our clients choose us because we are an employer’s trusted single source for all occupational health and employment testing services.


Workers' Compensation

At Agile, we believe an aggressive approach to managing care in the workers’ compensation environment. The Patient-Physician relationship is a critical component of the workers’ compensation claim, and the right management of care can have a significant impact on the overall duration, cost, and lost time in a claim.


We manage care within ACOEM and ODG guidelines, assuring compliance with authorizations and billing. At the same time, we are aggressive in our efforts to schedule timely visits and monitor the expected vs. actual progress of the patient.


It is our fundamental belief that positive workers’ comp claims outcomes start with quality health care. The Agile approach delivers quality care in a manner that also aggressively drives claim resolution and reduces potential litigation by making sure the patient is aligned in their personal health goals and receives the care and support needed to keep them on track to a speedy recovery.


Why partner with Agile?



Cost Effective

Cost containment for all employers. As a specialist in occupational medicine, we offer a more affordable treatment option for non-emergent conditions. We provide the right level of care at the right time, which helps to minimize unnecessary costs.


Partnership for Healthy Employees

At Agile, we know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so we work with you to develop a customized approach that fits your organization’s needs to ensure you’re always compliant and meeting your employee health and wellness goals.


Accurate Reporting

From screening results to work status updates, we provide comprehensive reporting, so you’ll never have to worry about pulling together the latest report.


Agile is your local source for Occupational Medicine services

Contact Agile today for a no-obligation, free quote on setting up a comprehensive occupational medicine program for your company. Our clinical team will review your requirements, make reccomendations and present you with options to ensure your employees stay healthy and safe.

Key drivers of the Agile Approach

Focus on Speed of Recovery

We strive to work with both employers and employees on patient recovery and speedy return to work, that is why we are trusted by employers for quality care and professional treatment. 


Meet Guidline Expectations

We manage care within ACOEM and ODG guidelines, assuring compliance with authorizations and billing while monitoring the expected vs actual progress of the patient throughout the claim process.


Patient Engagement in the Process

We connect with the patient with an emphasis on making sure they feel heard, understand their injury, and have clear expectations of the treatment and recovery process.


Aggressive Scheduling

We partner with managed care and insurance companies to make sure patients receive timely care with approved doctors in order to return workers back to life and their careers.

Provider Alignment for Smooth Return to Work

We won't lose control of the patient when specialists are involved, staying engaged in their care and following up with the specialists while maintaining our role of centralizing case management.


Flexible Workflows for Better Communication

We track expectations for improvements in function and progression toward full duty or return to work and provide consultation with employers and patients when this is not being achieved.


Support for Employer Protocols

We provide systemic support for employer- specific protocols and design our occupational medicine, testing and wellness programs around the parameters of your protocols.

Simplified Referral and Authorization Process

We provide employers with proprietary online portal access that allows scheduling and authorizations and the ability to track care progress and review test results in a secure environment.