COVID Policy

The use of approved face coverings and social distancing is in effect until further notice.

For you safety and the safety of our staff, we strictly follow CDC and California Department of Public Health guidelines during the COVID pandemic and until further notice. If you have an appointment or are walking into the clinic, please note:




  • Suspect you have been exposed to COVID in the last two weeks
  • Have a fever and cough
  • Are currently experiencing headache, congestion or runny nose

  • Have severe shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Are experiencing muscle pain/body aches unrelated to an injury

  • Have asore throat, loss of taste or smell


If you have any of these symptoms or are in doubt, call the clinic at 424. 292. 3260 and we will pre-screen you.


WE DO NOT TREAT COVID CASES and only provide work related health care. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or suspect you have COVID, contact your personal physician or go to the ER for assessment.

COVID Resources

For the latest information on the COVID pandemic, we recommend frequently visiting the Centers for Disease Control and California Department of Public Health websites for the latest infomation, regulations and guidance. If you suspect you have COVID or have been exposed, immediately contact your local health department and proceed to your nearest emergency room or dial 911.