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Scheduling & Appointments

How do you make an appointment?

Appointments are available by phone or by clicking on the Schedule Appointment button on our home page. You can call the clinic you have an appointment with during normal business hours (Monday-Friday: 8:30a-5:30p) to make an appointment.. Online appointment requests are not immediate and may take up to 48 hours to be confirmed.


Some employers prevent employees from making their own appointment. In these cases, contact your employer to make the appointment for you.

How do you change an appointment?
Do you accept walk-in patients?
When should a patient arrive for their appointment?
What if a patient is running late for an appointment?

Preparing for an Appointment

What do you need to bring to an appointment?
Does a patient need to fast before an appointment?

Patient Privacy

Is patient information shared with an employer?


Working with Agile

How does my company start working with Agile?
What do we need in order to send an employee to Agile?

DOT Physicals

Do employees need to fill out forms prior to their appointment?
What does “determination pending” mean for a driver?
Do bus drivers need to be DOT certified if they cross state lines?
Does Agile report to the state DMV?

Drug/Alcohol Screening

How long does it take to receive results?
What drugs are tested for?
What is the time limit to send an employee to the center for post-accident testing?