24/7 Telemedicine Consultations

Convenient medical screening and case management for remote employees

Agile now offers telemedicine consultations for ill and injured workers, providing access to exceptional medical advice and care coordination.


Agile, a trusted provider of occupational health services, offers a new telemedicine and case management solution for non-life-threatening, work-related illnesses, and injuries as an alternative to a traditional, in-office consultation. Rather than relying solely on local healthcare infrastructure, telemedicine offers top-notch virtual care to injured or ill workers to save costs and improve patient outcomes.


Employees who are injured on the job often experience difficulty in getting to and from medical appointments. With this program, an Agile primary treating physician provides an on-demand connection with a board-certified doctor from the convenience of an injured employee’s work or home. Agile’s secure communications technology improves access to care as well as patient outcomes while also helping control health care costs.


For injuries that need an in-person visit, they will have continued contact with our doctors as their primary treating physician throughout the case, and Agile’s team will coordinate the in-person visits with a convenient local clinic. All aspects of care will be tracked by Agile’s clinical team, so ongoing care, work status, and prescriptions can continue to be managed through a telemedicine platform rather than having to return to a clinic for routine follow-up.


Agile doctors are active participants in many MPNs and are able to move cases along more quickly by providing a consistent and qualified partner who can manage authorizations and scheduling seamlessly.

Benefits of Telemedicne  


Agile helps companies operating in demanding industrial environments that need access to exceptional medical advice and care coordination for injured workers: 


  • Instant assessment of a workplace injury, allowing for immediate triage

  • Efficient, personalized treatment

  • Anytime access to clinical data

  • Remote patient monitoring

  • Time savings by eliminating trips to the emergency room, treatment clinic or doctor’s office

  • Claims specialists that collaborate with various medical specialists

  • Better recovery outcomes for injured employees

  • Reduced healthcare costs for employers


To schedule a Telemedicine appointment, please click on the link below and complete the Treatment Authorization form. Your employer must be enrolled in the program to set up an appointment.

Registration Assistance

If you have a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911 or go to your local Emergency Room or hospital.  


For more information or help with telemedicine, call this number.

Is a Telemedicine program right your for your workforce?

Contact Agile today for a no-obligation, free quote on setting up a customTelemedicine program for your company. Our clinical team will review your requirements, make recomendations and present you with options to ensure your employees have the best medical access possible.

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Benefits of Telemedicine Cosultations

Agile Telemedicine provides direct anywhere access to our licensed medical providers trained in occupational injury treatment and management:


Full-time access. Telemedicine programs can provide timely 24/7/365 access to providers for around-the-clock medical care exactly when and where you need it for employees that don't work the typical 9-5 job. Your employees can access the telemedicine service at work or away from the job site.


Licensed Providers. Injured employees will always be referred to out Occupational Medicine specialists for both treatment and case management


Secure communication. When your injured workers need quick, convenient access to medical advice, our program enables patients to discuss the nature of their injury or illness and receive medical advice secure phone.

Case Management
How it Works
Frequent Questions